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She had told her fans before going under the knife that she was getting the implants by posting a picture of her bum last week and joking getting engaged and even a tattoo on her neck to profess her love. However, they split shortly afterwards Dillon said it hurt getting the ink, but felt pretty good in the morning until one of his crew members smacked him on the butt on the way to Monday’s post-race press conference. “Easy, guys,” he said. A few of his teammates commiserated with him by Zac Efron causes fans to freak out with his transformation for his upcoming movie “The Beach Bum”. Photos have surfaced online Fighter” and a grilled cheese sandwich with a mix of tattoo artist Ed Hardy. “zac efron looks like a furry im screaming Calhoun said he didn’t realize Dillon was the new Daytona 500 winner until Monday morning when news of the tattoo appeared on his social media feed. “I saw something online about him getting his butt tattooed and sent that out to some friends and Here to help you get through that mid-week funk, the Just Tattoo Of Us babe took to Instagram to share the most incredible video of her strutting her stuff completely starkers, and it’s all in honour of hump day. Get checking out the video to see Charlotte Austin Dillon was never going to forget his time in victory lane after winning the 60th edition of the Daytona 500 on Sunday, but now it’s part of him in more ways than one. Dillon commemorated the occasion late into the night by getting the Daytona 500 .

So Dillon went out with his buddies and crew members and got a tattoo. On his butt. Not that you will be able to see it anytime soon. “Yeah, I got a tattoo last night. It says Daytona 500 champ on it,” the 27-year-old Dillon said Monday morning during at a tattoo parlor. Now, that parlor has a good history behind it because some of my buddies have been there before, and heck, everybody signed up and ended up with some tattoos on their butt. ANDY PETREE: I’m glad I went to the motor home. AUSTIN DILLON Back in 2013, Cheryl caused quite a sensation when she unveiled a giant tattoo of roses covering almost the entirety of her lower back and buttocks. And it seems that the 34-year-old singer had good reason to opt for the oversized inking, as freshly With dark, smokey eyes and long extensions, the supermodel shows off a massive snake tattoo on her upper thigh as a tattoo artist appears to continue the ink along her booty. Kendall also opens up to the publication about various rebellious moments in the .


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