Finger Tattoos

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It seems Billie has decided to remove any trace of her ex, as she revealed a faded inking on her wedding finger of his surname the former Doctor Who star revealed the tattoo dedicated to their wedding had disappeared. Running down her inner forearm Kohli tweeted earlier this week that he and Goodwin would get matching tattoos if the show was renewed for Season “‘The 100’ Renewed, ‘iZombie’ Fans Cross Fingers. True dat,” Thomas tweeted earlier this week when “The 100” got picked A different kind of temporary tattoo could help people living with diabetes. Image Courtesy of UCSD For people with type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes, the daily burden of pricking their finger to apply a drop of blood on a test strip is an obstacle to Instead of a sparkly, diamond ring, Kathy Griffin opted to have a more permanent band tattooed on her ring finger when she married Matt Moline. After their divorce in 2006, she had it lasered off. “I have one tattoo on my whole body like an asshole and some with tattoos, illegally entering the U.S. under the Honduran banner, and angrily flashing the middle finger in what might be their first moments in America? Here are more photos showing that this crowd (and their cheering section on the other side The star has a C on her ring finger that was drawn by Hemsworth, along with a matching tattoo with Miley Cyrus, who is engaged to Hemsworth’s brother Liam, and a matching tattoo with Matt Damon’s wife, Luciana Barroso. She told PEOPLE of the ink she .

According to Vogue Australia, the actress also has a tat with a more intentional connection to her husband: a “C” for Chris on her ring finger to match the “E” on his (the couple actually did the tattoos themselves, adding another layer of meaning onto the Lana Del Rey got a tattoo that says “die young” on the side of her ring finger, which is, well, a very Lana Del Rey thing to tattoo. (Del Rey once said she wished she were dead already, because some of her favorite musicians died young.) Remember the guy Zayn has many other tattoos on his arms including a microphone, a tiger, his album title Mind of Mine, a henna style inking, a checked flag, a lotus flower, a Yin Yang sign, a snake, a lightening bolt, a boombox and a fingers crossed sign. Zayn has a tiny It’s not Pataky’s only tattoo with a direct tie to Hemsworth, however. The actress also sports a letter “C” on her ring finger in the same spot that Hemsworth has an “E”; the longtime lovers even gave each other the tattoos themselves. .


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 Finger Tattoo
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