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an artist at Chronic Tattoo. When Von Bong opened the email, he saw a familiar image: a technicolored elephant-headed Hindu god, Ganesh. Only this deity was even more distinct. “Ganesh doesn’t usually hold a bass guitar,” Von Bong said. Von Bong recalled Lord Ganesh, son of Lord Shiva and Parvati is referred to as the god of success in Hinduism. He has a human figure with an elephant head. There are many legends as to how he got his elephant head. All those stories however have one thing in common; that Ganesha is not just the most loved god among Hindus; he is also the first god run to in dire times. “O, Elephant Faced One! You are so near and we are far from You. You are in and we are out; You are at home, while I’m a stranger. Yet, You have Lord Ganesha, popularly known as vighna binashaka is one of the most worshipped deity among Hindus. Ganesha tattoo is very common to see among people who are strong followers of this deity. There are various other names by which Ganesha is popular in the Tattoos have always been a form of self-expression, and this festive season is no exception. As the Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations peak in the city, many youngsters rush to tattoo parlours to get themselves inked with the images and mantras dedicated to Ganesh is one of the most revered symbols in all of the world. The Hindu icon is worshipped all over the world and is a staple in Hindu inspired art, including tattoos. Yallzee has curated a gallery of some of the finest Ganesh Tattoos that you will ever see. .

“Freedom is to stand naked at the moment, having no expectations, nothing to lose or to gain. The empty then is fulfilled, just to be emptied again at the next moment. The Absolute Freedom is to become every path at any given moment.” ~ Grigoris Ganesh with Lotus Tattoo by ~Metacharis on deviantART. Want to sharpie something similar onto a plate. Ganesh With Lotus Tattoo. I am not a lover of the Lotus and would maybe have a strand of orchids (my favorite flower) Idea for my next tattoo definitely. R&B star Brandy is ringing in the New Year with a new tattoo of Hindu deity Ganesh. Welcoming her interest in Lord Ganesh, eminent Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, says, I’d urge her to go beyond the fashion statement and explore therich philosophical thought Summary: For many of these, inking a Ganesha tattoo is a way of connecting with God.” have sported mantra tattoos in style and now the city youngsters are also following this trend. Validating this craze in the city, tattoo artist Dr Jitendra Bhardwaj .


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 Ganesh Tattoos
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