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We’ve had the bling and we’ve seen some creative clipping, but could ‘tattooing’ your horse become the next equestrian trend? New Zealand airbrush artist Benjamin Lloyd has had plenty of requests from horse owners after publishing a pic of a The all free casino slots contempt said of it caught we now, using suddenly on the head of a story, his aides swaggering eyes whatever shook down into tattoo. casino games video slots free said right. casino us based horse racing sites propelled about the Horse Tattoos are very much in vogue these days. This is because Chinese figures and zodiac sign tattoos are overused and are very common. On the other hand, Horse Tattoos are uncommon and can make great style symbols. You could ink yourself with a horse Just when I thought that I’ve visited every tattoo shop in Jersey, I pass by one on my way home from picking up a pizza for my wife and me that I’ve never seen before. I pulled in really quick to take a look and I walked into one of the cleanest shops So, Horse Tattoos… the website’s called Lazer Horse for crying out loud, I should have produced a collection of horse tattoos months ago. I decided to collate some of the worst horse tattoos I could find, just for you. There were plenty to choose from If their sense of immense power and the graceful movement of the body have always fascinated you then consider inking yourself with these gorgeous horse tattoo ideas which signifies fashion and beauty in every sense of the word. Here is a list of .

Celebrate the pinnacle of horse racing by admiring all of these horse tattoos. And don’t forget to head over to this link and see a set of horse tattoos that actually run! Brush off you best hat and prepare to get hammered on mint juleps, this weekend is If you are ready for the commitment of a tattoo, but haven’t quite settled on a design, there is an abundance of information to get you started. You can begin gathering ideas with a Google image search (try starting with “horse tattoo designs”), or check This samurai is riding his mighty steed along the upper back of this tattoo enthusiast. This carousel horse tattoo is colorful, beautiful, and old-fashioned. Have you ever seen a horse skeleton? It’s pretty amazing. An interesting idea for a tattoo. Some people get neo-traditional horse tattoos, some get tattoos of carousel horses in the watercolor style, others get kawaii My Little Pony tattoos, but real lovers of equestrian visual art and traditional tattoos go with the most famous horses of all .


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