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And Paris Jackson showed off yet another new inking as she got a bright sunflower design on her inner arm on Sunday. The 18-year-old daughter of late pop star Michael Jackson shared a look on Snap as a tattoo artist worked away at her new ink, before Lionel Hahn/Olycom/startraksphoto.com After splitting from wife J.Lo in 2011, Marc Anthony covered up the “Jennifer” tattoo on his wrist with an abstract design (right). Kevin Winter/Getty Images; Peter Kramer/Getty Images In 2008, Rihanna and Chris “I know what works as a tattoo and I know what doesn’t work,” he said. “A lot of art can’t be translated to skin.” Once you’ve got your mom ink, be sure to share the love and show off your design on CNN iReport. Happy Mother’s Day! If this is your first tattoo, maybe don’t start with a massive back piece You might think you want it on your wrist, only to discover your design actually looks a million times better on your shoulder blade, or ankle. Play round BEFORE it’s Those words are tattooed on Olivia’s left wrist, right below where her catcher’s mitt rests The H-CV softball team brought Olivia two-dozen roses and a basket full of gum and sunflower seeds. The Grafton softball team brought her flowers, and That September, Spiegel advertised the National Suicide Prevention Week to her more than 1,200 Facebook friends, listing the phone number for a 24-hour hotline. “YOU matter. Ask for help,” she wrote. Seven months later, the clever, eccentric artist .

Hinata and Naruto’s son will be named Bolt, or Boruto, a pun on Naruto. Hinata and Naruto’s daughter is named “Himawari,” which is “sunflower” in Japanese. What’s more, Saiyan Island also predicted a similar storyline and reports that Part 3 will focus Every day, there are hundreds of people missing in Nebraska. Some of them are missing for days, while some are missing for decades. Quite a few have had a birthday while their whereabouts are unknown. We focus on who those people are in hopes of raising What were you doing when scouted? On my way to Sunfire Ceramics to make some light switch covers. Describe your style: Lazy. I have a few nice things and a bunch of rags that I mix and match. Fashion trends you love: Colorful skirts; I like using one .


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