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the trend they’re happiest seeing – and tattooing – is “the traditional stuff, so that it doesn’t die out.” For Stefan Dinu of London Inkaholics, these are requests that include “styles of black and g While that trend will still come along to 2017 You will also see a lot of linear and pointillism tattoos. Hyper-realistic tattoos Making art look alive and real on a person’s skin will take a huge “Hyper-realism – being able to make something Some of these gorgeous tattoos look like HD pics. Dainty skin art has been hot for a while, and it’s sure to remain a major trend in 2017 as people fi Incredible black & grey skills by @juandegambintattoo from Spain. A post shared by Tattoo Realistic (@tattoorealistic) on Sep 5, 2017 at 2:16am PDT Mandala tattoos: Mandala is a Sanskrit word which me Getting a 3D tattoo is a growing trend. Tattoo artists who have expertise in creating shockingly realistic paintings have waiting lists from eight months to two years. What is fascinating about the 3D Minimalist, miniature designs to geometric and small animal designs are some of the creatives in demand this year, say tattoo experts. Tattoo artistes Vikas Malani and Sudhir Rao have listed the trend .

Wings Beachwear’s mannequins in Miami sport flower tattoos of hyper realism, with mannequins showing belly buttons and even back spine indentations, says ChadMichael Morrisette, an expert in manne Realistic tattoos do), so give it room to grow. For every awful mandala tattoo out there, there are three watercolor pieces that are twice as bad. Watercolor tattoos tend to become popular once ev Realism (Реализм the studio is known for “literary” tattoos of quotes by famous writers and has its own art gallery. The Love Life Tattoo studio at Chistiye Prudy prides itself on its openness to Tattoos are a bold form of self-expression, but the pressure of choosing just the right design can make you feel a bit overwhelmed. Need some inspo? I got the lowdown on 2017’s biggest tattoo trends f .


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